Diamonds (Bhandara and Dharwar Projects)

IRL strategic interest in diamonds is underpinned by the fact that India has the world’s biggest diamond processing industry and major diamond companies including De Beers, the world's biggest diamond miner are active in the country and has an active exploration program underway on ground adjacent to one of India Resources’ tenements.

There are two diamond projects in the joint venture of IRL’s diamond projects with, a private Indian diamond company, Vajra Diamond Mining Private Limited (Vajra). The diamond projects are the Bhandara and Dharwar Projects located in three established diamond-bearing kimberlitic fields in peninsular India.


Bhandara (Orissa)

  • The application for Prospecting License PL 410 falls within the area of RP 71 that is now expired. IRL through its subsidiary, Amil Mining Private Limited, has the preferential right to be granted this PL. The area is only 10 km north of Nuapada diamondiferous kimberlites. This year through Vajra Diamonds a letter was written to the Orissa Mines Secretary and Director of Mines explaining Amil’s preferential right in this matter. The Project is located in the recognised Mainpur-Raipur Kimberlite Field. The area lies on the boundary of the Bhandara Archaean craton with the Proterozoic Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt and several kimberlite bodies have been recorded in close proximity.
  • Exploration focus will consist initially of stream sediment sampling with microprobe analysis to identify kimberlitic indicator minerals.

Dharwar (Andhra Pradesh)

  • All the necessary renewal application procedures have carried out for the licenses PL 309 and 306. Now the DMG’s recommendations to the State Government need to be received.
  • After renewal bulk sampling is planned for Kimberlite Pipe CC4 located on Prospecting License PL 309. On PL 306 Geophysical work is planned to locate potential targets for follow up sampling.
  • The Prospecting Licenses are within the Chigicherla kimberlite cluster south of Wajrakarur in Andhra Pradesh. Wajrakarur has a long history of diamond mining. The Wajrakarur kimberlite field comprises three discrete clusters of 21 kimberlites over a 7,200 km square area of granite-greenstone terrain, part of the Dharwar Craton. To its east lies the Cuddapah Basin, repository for the Neoproterozoic Banaganapalle Conglomerate, a popular source of alluvial diamonds for early miners over its length of 250km. Both the structural framework and kimberlite distribution at Chigicherla imply opportunity for new kimberlite discoveries.
  • PL-306 has reported 2 G10 garnets (indicator of diamondiferous kimberlite), 11 kimberlitic chromites and several ilmenites from the stream samples. Now VDMPL is planning a detailed follow-up programme to locate the source rock. (diamondiferous kimberlite).

Dharwar Diamond Project

Bonai (Iron ore)
Iron ore mining and exploration companies in the Bonai region are being courted with the potential of forming a joint venture with them or acquiring their leases. India Resources has maintained its portfolio of 14 applications in the states of Orissa and Jharkhand.

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